Who is MeetToDance?

...and what?!


Gamze and Thorsten, the creators of MeetToDance

Gamze and Thorsten, the creators of MeetToDance

Hi crazy dancers out there!


We’re glad you found your way to MeetToDance and hope you enjoy our new page. In case you wonder who created this website that is supposed to replace the usual roll call and to provide promomotion codes for festivals…:

We are Thorsten Fackelmann and Gamze Alptekin. We run MeetToDance.com. Many of you might have met us before. With some of you we also had the pleasure to dance with. We’ve both been dancing for many years, also before we fell in love with Salsa (and the related dances like Kizomba and Bachata). We’ve visited many congresses and made a lot of great new friends and acquaintances. We also first met and fell in love with each other at congresses. And as many of you we’re always wondering which congresses are worth visiting and how to save some money on the trips…


But how to choose a congress?

First you need to know which congresses there are. This is often covered by word of mouth, promotion at festivals, facebook events and google research. However, MeetToDance would like to facilitate the process by collecting the events for you.

Now you might have found an event but ask yourself: Is it good? One important part of the answer obviously is the congress itself – artists, DJs, date, venue, accessibility,… All those “hard facts”. But as the dance scene is a very social one, it is also always very important for us to know: Who else will be there? Sometimes the attending social dancers (and also artists/DJs) are making the difference between jumping on a plane or staying at home. And often the attending dancers also give quite some information about the dance and party level that you can expect from a congress.

For that reason, we decided to find a way to centralize all this information. Having roll calls in 20 different groups or events works out in some way but it is no always very convenient. So why not create a website that offers exactly this one crucial set of informations (besides some of the hard facts of the congresses)? The idea for MeetToDance was born. Some time later, we also included our discount code corner and a forum where dancers from all over the world get the chance to exchange thoughts about pretty much everything.

Another nice factor is that you’re not getting as spammed as you usually do with event invitations. Many festivals are just lost under a bunch of other events that you’re invited to. MeetToDance just offers you a focus only on dance festivals – which are probably your favorite events anyways. And when people choose to use this service, we will also avoid the many false participants that just accept the invitations to stay updated. Another additional benefit is, that MeetToDance can help you find potential travel or room mates for the congresses.

Our mission


Our mission is simple. We want to support you with finding and financing your next congress. We want you to travel and be with your friends. For that, we provide the participant lists and also link to the festival homepages. All important information with just a few clicks.

Find out for yourself!