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You made up your mind and found a congress you want to attend with your friends? Then it’s about time to book. Congress websites usually provide information about good deals with hotels and/or airlines. Many also offer promotion codes for attendees to save some extra money. Usually they work with promoters that offer these deals to their friends. What if you’re new in the scene and don’t know many people yet? Or if you don’t want to ask around until you find a promoter for YOUR festival? Check out the Promotion Codes on meettodance!


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Paris International Salsa Congress – PISC
Paris, France, 18 – 23.April 2017
PISCDANCELAB > save 10% on your fullpass and 5% on your partypass



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Salsa Beach Splash Festival – SBSF
Sibenik, Croatia, 04 – 09.June 2017
meettodance > save 10%



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Vienna Salsa Congress – VSC
Vienna, Austria, 07 – 11.Dec 2017
meettodance > save 10% on your passes (packages follow soon)


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Istanbul International Dance Festival
Istanbul, Turkey, 29.Mar.-03. Apr. 2017
meettodance > save 5%

on the prices on the website


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Vivafest Bodrum
Bodrum, Turkey – 14.-18.June 2017
meettodance > save 10%



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Summer Sensual Days – SSD
Rovinj, Croatia – 20.-26.June 2017
save 5 to 20 EUR



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Croatian Summer Salsa Festival – CSSF
Rovinj, Croatia – 26.June-03.July 2017
save 5 to 20 EUR



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Fujairah Latin Festival
Fujairah, U.A.E. – 02.-07.May 2017
“FLFMEET” > Fullpass for 125EUR


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Arizona Dance Addiction
Tempe, AZ, USA – 15.-19.June 2017
meettodance >
10 US$ discount on full pass 
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Berlin Salsacongress
Berlin, Germany – 06 – 08.October 2017
“Thorsten Fackelmann”
> 20% discount on VIP Fullpass and 10% on Social Party Pass
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Spirit of Cape Verde
Mindelo, Cape Verde – 11.-21.October 2017
“MeetToDance 2017” – save 25€
-Add the code in the comments section.
– Applies only to men and couples
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Event Promotion

Wanna travel but there is no congress?

Be it a work trip or just a weekend escape – everything is better when you combine it with dancing.

Sometimes you already know people in the city you’re travelling to and have an easy source of information. But more often you know little or nothing about the city and the local dancers. Maybe you do not even speak the language, so research is almost impossible.

What are your options? Where can you go to and ask? Ask around your friends if someone maybe knows somebody who heard of something maybe happening but that was 3 years ago? Yeah, right, that’s not exactly what we think is convenient.


MeetToDance can help!

In addition to our congress calendar, we decided to create another source of information. We want to provide Dance City Guides that help you finding your way in the local dancing scenes. This will not only help you if you happen to be lucky to have a trip to one of the cities… It will also help you when you’re planning a dance weekend trip and don’t know where to go yet.

Let MeetToDance help you to make your dance research easier. You’ll have more spare time left to do what you really want to do: DANCE!


What about my city?

If you have a good overview about what is going on in your city in terms of dancing, get in touch with us!

It is important that we do get a good general overview. We do not just want a single event, the idea is to provide events for every day of the week. If there are just not enough events, so be it. But we appreciate variety – it’s all about the passion for dance. Let’s share it.

I know what’s going on in my city. I want to share it with the community!


Salsa City Guide London

Salsa City Guide London

You want to know where to dance in London? Which events are there and when will they happen? Ask the MeetToDance Salsa City Guide London. We recommend this great source of information:

London Salsa Events!

You can find upcoming events in the London Salsa scene as well as further information like blogs and workshops. Run by dancers for dancers.


Salsa City Guide San Francisco

Salsa City Guide San Francisco

If you happen to be lucky enough to go on a trip to San Francisco or if you are living in the US and SF is “just around the corner”, take a look into this guide to Salsa Dancing in the Bay Area:
Salsa by the Bay

Salsa by the Bay offers a wide overview about where you can dance in the San Francisco Bay Area. They include all kinds of Salsa. Definitely worth to check before you jump into the SF nightlife!